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25 Tutoriales Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop nos ha hecho del Internet dudar de muchas cosas que vemos, a continuación les presento una colección de ejemplos y tutoriales de photoshop para aprender y mejorar sus habilidades en esta espectacular herramienta

Design an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement

Photo Manipulate a Kick Ass Flaming Skull Scene

How to Design a Modern Style Ski Poster in Photoshop

Create an “IronHero” Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Dark Knight Rises Style Wallpaper in 3 Easy Steps


The Fallen Angel – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Create Dynamic Prototype Style Video Game Art

Wrath of the Titans in Photoshop CS6

Use Photoshop CS6 to Create a Micro Machines Inspired Scene

Design Surreal Concept Manipulation with Alien Structures in Photoshop

Create a Powerful Mixed-Media Composition in Photoshop

Create a Shiny Stereo Receiver in Photoshop from Scratch

How to Use the Content Aware Patch Tool in Photoshop CS6

Quickly Select Skin Tones in Photoshop CS6

Quickly Change the Appearance of Photoshop CS6

Can We Survive? – Photoshop Tutorial

How to Use the Content Aware Move Tool in Photoshop CS6

Camera Raw 7 – Photoshop CS6

Colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop CS6

Hipster Text Effect in Photoshop CS6

Software Workshop: Better Blur with Photoshop CS6

Build a 3D Scene Using Photoshop CS6

Use the New Timeline in Photoshop CS6 to Create an Animated GIF from a Video

Content-Aware Move Tool – Photoshop CS6

How to Add Non-Destructive Vignetting to Your Photos in Photoshop

How to Use the New Timeline Panel in Photoshop CS6

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